New Cadbury’s ad and more nice work

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Cadbury’s has released the most recent spot in its Glass and a Half Full Productions film series for Dairy Milk. The brand new ad sees various items of clothing in a charity shop burst right into a choreographed piece of dance once the store has closed. The industrial, by Fallon London, is determined to Jermaine Stewart’s 80s hit You do not have To Take Your Clothes Off, and be warned, in case you watch this, you could have this song to your head all afternoon… Exec creative director: Augusto Sola; Creative: Sam Hibbard; Director: Megaforce; Prod co: Riff Raff Films.

New Cadburys ad and more nice work

Also from Fallon is an artistic new campaign for Skoda. Skoda Puzzle is a part of the automobile brand’s sponsorship people crime drama on Channel 5, and links the television idents that seem at the start and end of every ad break to a web trail find the placement of a hidden virtual Skoda Fabia vRS car. Participants are encouraged to follow the path until the overall week of the campaign in early July, picking up clues each week. Because the weeks pass, the answers to the ident clues will bring the participants closer and toward the precise location of the virtual car, which they’ll have a possibility to win. Players can watch the television idents and answer the questions at Skoda’s YouTube channel at Creative director: Augusto Sola; Creatives: Peter Gatley, Richard Hale; Head of digital & integration: Matt Groves; Director: Justin Stokes; Prod co: HLA.

This new ad for Volkswagen Australia from DDB Sydney emphasises the significance of excitement before business. ECD: Dylan Harrison; Creative director: Steve Wakelam; Creatives: Adam Ledbury, Karen Ferry; Director: Steve Ayson; Prod co: The Sweet Shop.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has created this animated spot for the French AIDES campaign. It stars Willy the Tourist, who aims to encourage viewers to always use protection during any sexual adventures they’ve got when travelling. ECD: Erik Vervroegen; Creatives: Antonio Marcato, Raphael Milczarek, Will Elliott; Director: Luciana Jordao; Prod co: Seagulls Fly.

New Cadburys ad and more nice work

New Cadburys ad and more nice work

Hayfever season has arrived inside the UK, and this new, somewhat sinister, print and poster campaign for Benadryl from JWT London aims to emphasize the threat that allergies cause sufferers. The ads feature masks created by Steve Whinnery – two are shown above. ECD: Russell Ramsey; Creative director: Dominick Lynch-Robinson; Creatives: Adam Scholes, Hugh Todd. Photographer: Graeme Stuart.

New Cadburys ad and more nice work

New Cadburys ad and more nice work

This lovely new print work for Honda is from Wieden + Kennedy in London. Section of the facility of Dreams series, the ads aim to recognise the auto brand’s constant look for new, surprising and unexpected ideas. Creative directors: Chris Groom, Sam Heath: Creatives: Sean Murphy, Sophie Bodoh.

We end this week’s round-up with this intriguing short film that the Barbarian Group in The big apple has created as portion of an ongoing campaign – the GE Show – for General Electric within the US. The film illustrates the flexibility of the sun’s energy by making a 360 degree portrait of a miniature sun. BG’s blog tells us the way it was done, here.


New Cadburys ad and more nice work

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